Data and Voice Solutions


A Watchful Eye Inc. has a full line of IT services to assist you in gaining the greatest availability and throughput from your network.

We offer world-class business technology integrated with today’s workplace needs to keep our customers leading their industry. Our IT services work for you so that your work place is more productive and your Enterprise Surveillance Systems integrate seamlessly. 

We are one of the few companies that lead technical integration and security business solutions.


  • Internet, Network & Data Security Analysis
  • Network and Bandwidth Optimization
  • Remote Access
  • Data Base Analysis and support

Our goal is to consult with you and provide services that are effective, well managed and provide a complete solution.

We are committed to providing cost effective services that include:

  • Network Design
  • System Integration
  • VOIP and Cloud-Based Voice Services
  • System Management Procedures
  • Security Audits
  • Life Cycle Support
  • Information Technology Training
  • On-site Support
  • Product Evaluations

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