Commercial Security

A Watchful Eye Inc. is dedicated to matching your security needs with the latest in innovative systems on the market today.

We offer world-class business technology integrated with today’s workplace needs to keep our customers leading their industry. Our special systems include Alarm Systems, Alarm System Monitoring, Digital Video & Network Video Recorders, & Access Control systems.

We are one of the few companies that lead technical integration of work force and security business solutions.


  • Proof of loss data
  • Vandalism
  • Destruction and theft of property
  • Asset Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Injury Claims resolution
  • Workman’s Compensation Claims resolution
  • Employee theft
  • Increase in workplace integrity

Our goal is to consult with you and customize a system that is effective, easy to use and provides peace of mind.

We are committed to servicing cost effective products that include:

  • Intrusion Protection
  • Product Sales, Installation and Maintenance
  • Integrated Site Surveillance Management
  • Digital Video Recording Technologies
  • Web-based Surveillance
  • Point of Sale Software
  • Covert Surveillance / Special Projects
  • On and Off Site Digital Surveillance


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